• How long have you been living in Lions Park ?
    1 year and 9 months to be exact.
  • What made you decide to buy a unit? what attracted you the most?
    It’s more for necessity. I wanted a place that is near where I work but away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lions Park is an ideal community to live in after a hard day’s work. It’s my own little oasis of calm.
  • How has it been living in Lions Park ?
    It has been good so far. It provides me with a secure living environment so I am very happy with that.
  • What is the most convenient part of living in the CDC community?
    It’s just 20 to 30 minutes away from Makati_ where I work. It’s very accessible to all commercial and entertainment establishments in the metro.
  • What lifestyle choices can you promote when it comes to the amenities of Lions Park ?
    I simply enjoy walking amidst the beautiful landscaped pocket gardens of the community. It relaxes me!
Francis de Leon

Zarina Lee E. Luna, for example, bought a one-bedroom unit in LPR thinking that she would get more value for her hard-earned salary in paying for the monthly amortization of her condo than to continue paying P2,800 every month for rent in her current place

The 28-year-old Luna, who works as a Lima Management Consultant staff, now only needs to pay P6,000 every month in the next 12 years and she will be having a place that she can rightfully call her own.

“I rented for almost five years and I felt that my rent money just disappeared in thin air. Now, I am comforted in thinking that I will be owning this unit at Lions Park,” Luna said.

Luna became even more delighted with her decision after she was informed by the CDC Realty, Inc. management that the value of the unit she bought at the pre-selling price of P750,000 has now appreciated to about P1.2 million.

“It means that I already earned half a million pesos for the investment I made just 10 months ago,” she enthused.

Zarina Lee E. Luna

Overseas worker Rolando Amosco, meanwhile, is already keenly awaiting the turnover in November of the two-bedroom unit he bought at the LPR so he could take a leave from his work in Singapore and be with his family in transferring to their new home.

The 36-year-old engineer at a semiconductor company in Singapore availed of the unit’s P1.5-million selling price, now valued at P1.7 million, which he plans to fully pay in only three years.

Amosco, who has four children aged 16, 15, 12 and 8, said his plan is to buy a unit each for his kids, believing that this is a better way to spend his P100,000 monthly salary.

“Real properties do not depreciate overtime unlike cars or appliances. It is better to invest than just to lose the money that I worked hard for abroad in consumables that will lose their value in a few years,” Amosco said.

This is the advice that he gave to his Filipino co-workers in Singapore and he managed to convince two of them to also buy units at LPR.

Amosco feels that the Lions Park is a safe place for his family to live in. It also has great amenities and a prime location.

Rolando Amosco